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Based in LA. Works in TV. Spends her free time watching TV, thinking about TV, and arguing and talking to friends and coworkers about TV.


  • Allison Klein

    Allison Klein

    Author of What Would Murphy Brown Do? How the Women of Primetime Changed Our Lives. Get it here:

  • Valerie Carroll

    Valerie Carroll

  • Rodrigo Nieto Gómez

    Rodrigo Nieto Gómez

  • rfitzhugh_98472


  • Curious Blogger

    Curious Blogger

  • Trisha B

    Trisha B

    digital creator, social media strategist, writer, and self-proclaimed storyteller. thoughts are my own. NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION.

  • Dan Owen

    Dan Owen

    Freelance writer and TV addict raised on films • If you’d like to support my work, or

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